Attitude Seed Bank Review 2020


Attitude Seed Bank has been a significant participant in the cannabis industry for several years now, and have been able to develop a trusted and reliable brand for themselves. When a customer purchases Attitude seeds, they do this because they know this is to find an excellent product, what they ordered, and their seeds sent to be safely and securely.

Another bonus for Attitude Seed Bank is they ship worldwide and accept many currencies, so this high degree of customer support and care is available for everyone to experience.

Attitude Seed Bank Web Experience

At first glance, the Attitude Seed Bank site can seem a bit jarring. I guess they have a whole lot to say! But if you’re able to get past that first shock, the rest of the site is genuinely far more subdued and very user-friendly. You may look for seeds by brand or breeder, by type, or perhaps by cannabis cup benefits.

The web site includes a dedicated promotions tab full of all the earnings and offers that are currently running. As I write this, there are no less than 35 offers on this page, so you are bound to get a fantastic deal. They also have a useful FAQ page to answer some of your questions, a Contact form to talk to them directly, and a fascinating blog.

Attitude Seeds Selection

Attitude Seed Bank has over 2,000 strains available for sale in its online store. That is quite a selection! If you can not find what you like from that many breeds, there could be something wrong with you. Though, the choice here is nothing to shake a stick at as well as the most discerning of marijuana connoisseurs will be amazed.

Attitude Seeds Quality

Of course, the superior rating will on the individual strain in addition to your unique tastes, but overall, Attitude Seed Bank maintains an extremely high-quality standard. They don’t breed their breeds, so they’re limited in that part of quality control, but supply seeds at the first breeder’s packaging so that buyers can make sure they’re getting what they ordered.

Attitude Seed Bank functions as a budding curator, selling just the breeds that meet their criteria, but they are not analyzing every seed that comes through their doors, so there’s always the potential for a bad batch dispersed. If this was the case, however, I believe their strong customer support department would step up to resolve the issue.

Due to these strengths, buying breeds you know you like bred by breeders you anticipate through Attitude Seed Banks is the best way to go. Why don’t you buy them straight from the breeder? Maybe they do not ship toy our nation, or sending is too slow, not stealthy enough, or their”customer service” department does not care about customer satisfaction. That is where Attitude Seed Bank can step in to address all those issues.

Paying For Your Order – Attitude Seedbank

They accept debit and credit except for Mastercard from global customers and money orders from customers within the united kingdom. They don’t accept Bitcoin obligations or even PayPal. As you can see, this severely limits the number of folks who would be willing and ready to buy from them.

If Attitude Seed Banks wanted to see a boom in client numbers, they would implement more payment systems. Attitude Seedbank one area in which they’re severely lacking, and it might cause them to fall behind other leading seed banks if they do not change their ways soon.


Stealthy, speedy delivery is a specialty of the seed bank, and they can ship to any country on earth. Although I will not reveal their precise techniques for obvious reasons, I will state that they’re incredibly useful. Confiscations are rare, and the majority of the time, you’ll have your order in your hands in just two weeks.

They provide essential stealth transport, or you could pay extra for an extra-discreet package that’s shipped with a souvenir such as a T-shirt or a mug to throw customs officers off the odor. In my opinion, it’s always worth it to select this option, though it’s slightly pricey. The odds of it passing unnoticed through international customs are a lot greater this way. Besides, you get a cool souvenir for a bonus!

Overall – Attitude Seeds Review 2020

In general, Attitude Seed Bank is a reasonably great place to shop. Its primary strengths are its global stealth shipping and its customer support department. When you buy together, you know you are going to be getting the ideal seeds on time, or else it’ll be made up to you by customer support. The place they desperately want to improve is their payment policies. Modern customers only need more choices that protect their individuality better, or they’ll be unwilling to purchase.